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How to Maximize Your Rental's Profit Potential

Want your rental property to generate returns that are in line with your big-picture goals? The good news is there’s a lot that you can do...

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7 Myths About Landlords Debunked

Are you a landlord or thinking of investing in property? Then you’ll want to take note of these myths and misconceptions that are prevalen...

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Different Communication Options for Landlords and Tenants

Good communication is vital for tenants and landlords. With so many ways to communicate today, how do you know which one is the best? In thi...

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How to Invest If You're in an Expensive Market

Looking to invest in real estate? What’s the right strategy if the market you’re located in is, well, expensive? The good news is that y...

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Guide – What Tenants Really Want - A Guide for New Property Investors

This guide will outline some of the important things that tenants want, giving you practical steps that you can take to ensure that your pro...

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how to evaluate rental property

How to Evaluate Potential Rental Properties

Carefully evaluating potential rental properties is critical to making solid investment decisions and maximizing your potential returns. Her...

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How to Give Your Rental a Makeover - Within Your Agreement

Use these creative and affordable strategies to modernize your house in a way that’s in compliance with your rental agreement.

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How to Handle Depreciation on Your Rental Property

Being able to take advantage of this tax deduction can help you to save when filing your taxes. Here’s how it works.

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Tips for Tenants On Combating Moving Expenses

Whether you are moving in or out of a property, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to manage your expenses. Between packing material...

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Rental Market Trends to Keep an Eye On In 2023

If you’re wondering what’s happening in the housing market, and more specifically, with rental property, here are some rental market tre...

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How to Transition Your Property Into a Long-Term Rental

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the challenges that come along with short-term rentals, and steps you can take if you’re t...

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