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Hand of landlord with a key at a house

So, You've Become an Accidental Landlord

If you’re an accidental landlord looking to make the most of your rental property, here are some benefits of owning rental property as wel...

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How to Perform a Real Estate Market Analysis Guidebook Cover

How to Perform a Real Estate Market Analysis

Master real estate market analysis with our guide! Learn key terms, data sources & steps. Make informed investment decisions. Download now.

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Homeowner has given the key to the property manager

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Property Manager

From vetting to hiring, here are 7 expert tips for securing a reliable partner in property management.

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Person writing on a clipboard holding a small wooden home

Which is Better? Property Manager vs. Self Management

Discover the truth about DIY property management: Is it truly a money-saving solution for your rental income? Uncover the pros and cons of m...

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Relaxing Bedroom

Creating a Relaxing Living Space for Good Mental Health

Use these renter-friendly tips to transform your rental into a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge amidst the hustle of daily life.

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House real estate price investment mortgage graph

How to Future-Proof Your Rental Investments

By taking steps to help future-proof your rental investments, you can help to make your investments more resilient, even if surprises come y...

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House key with keychain on blue spring background and lilac branches.

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental

Spring maintenance allows rental property owners to address any damage from winter weather, and prepare the unit for warmer months. Read on ...

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Overview of the Phoenix real estate market

Insights into the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Explore the vibrant Phoenix real estate market with CEO Kevin Ortner and market leader Nathaniel Greene in this episode of the Rent Estate P...

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Property manager holding keys and handing to a customer

11 Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

From tenant screening to handling maintenance requests, learn how hiring an expert property manager can save you time, lower vacancy rates, ...

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Open the door and door handle with a key and a keychain shaped house. Property investment and property management concept.

Steps You Need to Take Before Renting Out Your Property

From getting your rental ready; with inspections, repairs, and a fresh coat of paint –to making sure you are prepared as well, here’s a ...

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Exploring the Seattle Real Estate Market with Shannon O'Driscoll

Explore the Seattle real estate scene with Shanan O'Driscoll on the Rent Estate Podcast. Discover valuable insights, seize opportunities, an...

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