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Thumbnail of the Corner to Corner series in Denver

Exploring Denver's Real Estate Potential

Discover expert insights into the Denver real estate market with Kirby Richard, Renters Warehouse's market leader in Colorado, on this week'...

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For rent real estate sign in front of house

8 Ways to Add Value to Your Rental Property

The concept of achieving financial freedom through rental investments seems simple. You buy a property, find tenants, and charge enough to c...

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Thumbnail of the Rent Estate Podcast Texas market overview

Everything's Bigger in Texas: Market Overview with Todd Brown

Explore Todd Brown's insights on the Texas real estate landscape in this episode of the Rent Estate Podcast. From embracing challenges to se...

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Corner to Corner Kansas City

Exploring Kansas City and St. Louis Real Estate

Discover the diverse investment options, tenant considerations, and key strategies for success in the vibrant real estate markets of Kansas ...

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Couple doing home renovations

Guide to Buying a Fixer-Upper as an Investment Property

Are fixer-uppers more work than they’re worth? Not if you know what to look for. In this article, we’ll investigate the factors investor...

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Real estate or property development. Construction business investment concept.

Rental Investment Roundup Guide: What to Expect In 2024

Wondering what’s happening with real estate this year? In this guide, we’ll spotlight what’s taking place in the real estate market. W...

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Person typing on a calculator

10 Tax Deductions Every Landlord Should Know

Being aware of these rental property tax deductions gives you the potential to recoup some of your operating costs, whether from mortgage in...

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set of homes with green leaves

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Your Rental Property That Can Boost Savings

In this article, we’ll look at simple upgrades that you can make right away, like choosing energy-efficient light bulbs, along with more s...

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People looking over a budget

Tips to Estimate and Budget for Your Rental Property

Whether you own one or several rental units, budgeting can help to give you a measure of financial stability and can help to cushion you fro...

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two people shaking hands over a desk

Rental Property Ownership: The Solo Investor vs. Partnerships

In this article, we shed some light on the pros and cons of being a solo investor versus going into a partnership.

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graphs on a computer

How to Conduct a Market Analysis for Your Rental Property

Market analysis can help an investor to find a property that aligns with their investment strategy. In this article, we guide you through si...

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