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Renovation before and after of an outdated kitchen

Updating Older Rentals: Balancing Cost and Value

Looking to attract more tenants and increase rental income? Renovate your older property with our cost-effective tips to maximize its potent...

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A red house standing out among a row of white homes

A Rental Investor's Guide to Assumable Mortgages

For real estate investors, assumable mortgages could offer some distinct benefits including discounted interest rates and reduced upfront co...

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Money and a house in hand.

What To Do If Your Rental Expenses Are Greater Than Your Rental Income

Are you losing money on your rental property? If your rental income isn’t covering your operating expenses, it might be time to take charg...

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Framing of a new construction home

Investing in Build-to-Rent: What to Know

Build-to-rent single-family rentals are a popular investment option today, but is this type of investment right for you? Let’s dive into t...

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A.I. concept

How A.I. Can Help With Real Estate Investing

Whether it’s about improving the tenant experience, assisting with market research, or helping to streamline certain everyday tasks, see h...

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Lawyer consulting giving legal advice to customer about housing

10 Potentially Costly Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid

In this article we give you a list of mistakes to watch out for as a landlord, plus tips on how to avoid these legal pitfalls.

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Close up of miniature detached house on floor at home with happy family playing with child in the background

Creating a Rental Wish List: Prioritizing Must-Haves

Are you looking for a new rental home but don’t know if some of those tempting amenities are wants or needs? Use our rental wish list ques...

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Real estate investment growth, house on gold coins, arrow pointing upwards

Strategies for Sustainable Rental Portfolio Growth

A well-managed rental portfolio could be your ticket to financial freedom. With this in mind, here’s a look at how you can grow your renta...

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Hand of landlord with a key at a house

So, You've Become an Accidental Landlord

If you’re an accidental landlord looking to make the most of your rental property, here are some benefits of owning rental property as wel...

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How to Perform a Real Estate Market Analysis Guidebook Cover

How to Perform a Real Estate Market Analysis

Master real estate market analysis with our guide! Learn key terms, data sources & steps. Make informed investment decisions. Download now.

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Homeowner has given the key to the property manager

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Property Manager

From vetting to hiring, here are 7 expert tips for securing a reliable partner in property management.

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