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House key with keychain on blue spring background and lilac branches.

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental

Spring maintenance allows rental property owners to address any damage from winter weather, and prepare the unit for warmer months. Read on ...

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Fall leaves in gutters on house

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

A routine fall maintenance ensures that your property is protected from these elements during the colder months ahead. Here’s a list of es...

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Aerial view of neighborhood

VIDEO: How to Handle Tenant Turnover

Discover Strategies to Improve Tenant Retention Rates – Minimize Vacancy with Expert Tips

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Fall leaves in a gutter

Prepping Your Rental Unit for Cooler Weather

As a landlord, transforming your unit for cooler weather can be challenging. If you're not prepared, the season can bring a host of unexpect...

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Should You DIY Your Property Maintenance and Repairs?

In this article, we’ll take a look to see if doing your own maintenance and repairs is cost and time effective.

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Couple shaking hands with man in suit

Avoiding Disaster - Inspections and Safety Regulations You Should Stay on Top of to Protect You and

As a landlord, you work hard to ensure that your rental is in good condition –and try to make repairs as issues arise. But even the most d...

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Fall leaves on ground

Autumn on the Horizon - How to Ready Your Rental for Weather Changes

There’s a crispness in the air and the leaves are starting to change color. Autumn has officially arrived. For most of us, autumn means co...

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White townhouse with fall trees and yellow leaves on a lawn

Essential Fall Maintenance for Every Rental

Keep your rental properties in great condition year round by performing routine fall maintenance. In this guide, we’ll uncover things that...

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Old house wall and icicles on the roof

Winter Remodels - What You Should Know

If you’re looking to renovate during the colder season, here’s a look at some things that you’ll want to keep in mind to help the proc...

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Snowy winter neighborhood, with dark house and street light

How to Prepare Your Rental Home for Winter

Regular and routine property maintenance is the best way to prevent extensive and costly repairs down the road. In this article, we’ll tak...

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Podcast Episode 7 in the Renters Warehouse Studio

Starting and Growing Your Retirement Portfolio: One Investor’s Journey

One investor and his wife’s journey from zero properties to FIVE. This first-hand account shines some light on the big question that most ...

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