Resident Placement Services

Resident Placement Services

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Finding the right residents is like holding a talent audition on a reality TV show. We bring in the best candidates; you judge who wins (fairly of course). We do it by putting our exclusive RentFeeder™ technology to work within 24 hours of a signed rental property management agreement.

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Your rental property instantly reaches hundreds of websites (a $400+ monthly value). And on average, you score the perfect residents in just a few weeks. After that, our Certified Resident Match & Warranty™ process kicks in:

  • We complete a thorough background and credit check on each potential resident.
  • We prepare and assist you with all lease documents, inspections and rental licensing.
  • We provide a FREE 6-month Resident Warranty™ on all placed residents—a policy that can be extended to up to 18 months (in certain markets) with extended leases and property management services. If your resident defaults for any reason, we’ll provide additional resident placement services for FREE.

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Renters Warehouse shall not refuse to rent, or discriminate in the terms, conditions or privileges of the tenancy, to any person due to his/her race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, handicap (whether physical or mental), sexual orientation or family status. Renters Warehouse understands further that local ordinances may include other protected classes.

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