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Guide - Stability of the Buy and Hold Method

Thinking of taking that first step toward investing? Then you’ll want to claim your FREE guide: Stability of the Buy and Hold Method. See ...

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Why SFR Offers Long-Term Stability

When it comes to rental properties, there’s an added level of financial security in addition to appreciation –rental income. While stoc...

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Being a Landlord - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly –sides of being a landlord. Along with some tips that’ll help you to get off to a goo...

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Why Investors Are Flocking to SFR

In addition to appreciation and flexibility, there are some other distinct benefits of SFR. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that ...

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How You Can Use Leverage | Rent Estate Minutes

Imagine walking into a bank, sitting across the desk from a loan officer and telling them you'd like to buy $200,000 in stock in Apple. Of c...

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Get Rich Slow | Rent Estate Minutes

Rent Estate is different. Because while it may not be a Formula One race car that’s going to help you reach financial freedom tomorrow, it...

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"Pillar #1: Long-Term Cash flows" Text with a man in a suit behind

Pillar #1: Long Term Cash Flow | Rent Estate Minutes

Real estate is like a slot machine. It’s a series of one-and-done transactions, and your success depends on luck and timing. Rent Estate i...

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"Pillar #2 - Equity" Text with blurred background of man in a suit

Pillar #2: Equity | Rent Estate Minutes

Equity is another key advantage of Rent Estate over real estate. Who doesn’t want someone else paying their mortgage? With Rent Estate, ev...

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"Pillar #3 - Appreciation" With man in suit facing a wall in the background

Pillar #3 Appreciation | Rent Estate Minutes

Traditional real estate is impatient. It’s about flipping property. So the hope is that values rise quickly. Rent Estate is patient. It ta...

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"Pillar #4, Tax Breaks" Text with man in suit for background

Pillar #4 Tax Breaks | Rent Estate Minutes

The IRS lets you deduct a lot of your expenses in running a Rent Estate business. Way more than traditional real estate. And that makes Rent...

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What Rent Estate Is NOT | Rent Estate Minutes

Sometimes the best way to understand something is to learn what it isn’t. And that’s true with Rent Estate™, but Rent Estate isn’t t...

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