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Overview of the Phoenix real estate market

Insights into the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Explore the vibrant Phoenix real estate market with CEO Kevin Ortner and market leader Nathaniel Greene in this episode of the Rent Estate P...

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Exploring the Seattle Real Estate Market with Shannon O'Driscoll

Explore the Seattle real estate scene with Shanan O'Driscoll on the Rent Estate Podcast. Discover valuable insights, seize opportunities, an...

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Unlocking Opportunities in Twin Cities Real Estate

Discover why Minneapolis/St. Paul's stable real estate market presents a golden opportunity for investors on this episode of the Rent Estate...

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Thumbnail of the Corner to Corner series in Denver

Exploring Denver's Real Estate Potential

Discover expert insights into the Denver real estate market with Kirby Richard, Renters Warehouse's market leader in Colorado, on this week'...

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Corner to Corner Kansas City

Exploring Kansas City and St. Louis Real Estate

Discover the diverse investment options, tenant considerations, and key strategies for success in the vibrant real estate markets of Kansas ...

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Microphone with pink lightnings podcast image and text

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 14 – The First Step Into Investing Is the Hardest One

In this podcast, Renters Warehouse CEO Kevin Ortner speaks to Andrey Sokurec, owner of Homestead Road and author of the book Total Financial...

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Microphone with pink lightnings podcast image, 2 photos and text

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 13 : Investor Demand is Through the Roof!

In this fast-paced episode, Kevin Ortner and Noel Christopher take a look at the state of the rental market, while also highlighting opportu...

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Podcast episode 12

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 12 : Rental Properties During COVID-19 – Showings, Leasing, Evictions,

This episode takes a look at COVID-19’s impact on the rental market, along with advice for landlords who are looking to rent their propert...

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Podcast episode 11

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 11: Managing Rental Properties & Challenges During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to the property management industry. See what Renters Warehouse has done in response. A ...

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Text "Podcast episode 10"

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 10: Hard Money Loans – What You Should Know

Tune in to see what you should know about these loans, and see why they’re an attractive option for many investors today.

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SFR Roundup 4 image of Noel Christopher on top of a building

SFR Roundup #4 - Predictions Heading Into 2020

Welcome back to the SFR Roundup with Noel Christopher. In today’s episode, Noel breaks down what he sees for the real estate market headin...

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