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Man holding keys behind a desk with a small house model on top

Closing Costs - Tips and Tricks and Who Pays What

Buying or selling a home can be a complex process full of twists and turns. Just when you think you are in the final swing of things, there ...

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Man and women in front of the window in a clear room with ladder and toolbox

Estimating Remodeling Costs for Potential Property Investments

Estimating the costs of a rehab can be a tricky job. On one hand, you want to get an accurate price so you can be sure the investment is wor...

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City landscape with lake and palm trees

Scope Out Your Options for Your Next Investment: 8 American Cities With the Most Renters

Tired of low vacancy rates? Then you may want to consider looking for a property in a location that has a high percentage of renters. While ...

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Woman sitting in a desk chair with feet on desk and writing in a book

How the Work-From-Home Trend Is Impacting the Housing Market

The work-from-home trend has been growing steadily for a number of years now. After the events of last year though, it’s now become standa...

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Luxury real estate with pool and lake and trees on the background

Luxury Real Estate Rentals - Are They Worth the Investment?

If you have the option to buy luxury real estate as a rental, will it be worth the investment? This article will look at what defines luxury...

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Beige house with lawn and flowers

Growing Your SFR Portfolio

Looking to grow your rental portfolio? In this article we’ll highlight the benefits of investing in SFR and show you how you can scale you...

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Man in a messy room

My Renter Damaged My Property, Now what? Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads Property Managers Answer

When it comes to property investment, there will be bumps on the road, especially if you want to build assets. There will be occasions where...

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Two mens with papers and glass of water and cup of coffee on the table

How to Create a Stellar Lease According to Property Management Virginia Beach Professionals

Signing a lease is the first step to onboarding a new renter , so you want to make sure that you start on the right foot. As any property ma...

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Mother and toddler sitting on the stairs with moving boxes

How Inspections Protect You: Norfolk Property Management Weighs In

The goal of move-out inspections isn't to have a surprise "gotcha" moment, but rather to know about potential inspections that motivate exce...

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Hands pointing to the graph and cup and laptop on a table

Why 2021 Is a Perfect Time to Invest

What does the future hold for the housing market? While these are uncertain times, one thing is certain: rentals are still generating solid ...

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Two story house with a flowerbed, a path and trees in the background

Reduce Your Vacancy Rates

If you’d like to keep your tenants longer and reduce your vacancy rates at your rental, then here’s a look at a few things that you’ll...

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