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VIDEO: Are We Heading into a Housing Crash?

Part One: Are we heading towards a housing crash? See Noel Christopher's thoughts on the current state of the housing market.

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VIDEO: Are You Prepared for Tax Season?

Tax time can be stressful for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot that you can do to save time and make the process of fili...

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Noel Christopher | The Eviction Moratorium -

Noel Christopher is back with another video where he discusses the latest on the eviction moratorium and dives into questions around the pro...

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Podcast episode 12

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 12 : Rental Properties During COVID-19 – Showings, Leasing, Evictions,

This episode takes a look at COVID-19’s impact on the rental market, along with advice for landlords who are looking to rent their propert...

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Podcast episode 11

Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 11: Managing Rental Properties & Challenges During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to the property management industry. See what Renters Warehouse has done in response. A ...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 10: Hard Money Loans – What You Should Know

Tune in to see what you should know about these loans, and see why they’re an attractive option for many investors today.

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How You Can Use Leverage | Rent Estate Minutes

Imagine walking into a bank, sitting across the desk from a loan officer and telling them you'd like to buy $200,000 in stock in Apple. Of c...

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Get Rich Slow | Rent Estate Minutes

Rent Estate is different. Because while it may not be a Formula One race car that’s going to help you reach financial freedom tomorrow, it...

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"Pillar #1: Long-Term Cash flows" Text with a man in a suit behind

Pillar #1: Long Term Cash Flow | Rent Estate Minutes

Real estate is like a slot machine. It’s a series of one-and-done transactions, and your success depends on luck and timing. Rent Estate i...

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"Pillar #2 - Equity" Text with blurred background of man in a suit

Pillar #2: Equity | Rent Estate Minutes

Equity is another key advantage of Rent Estate over real estate. Who doesn’t want someone else paying their mortgage? With Rent Estate, ev...

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"Pillar #3 - Appreciation" With man in suit facing a wall in the background

Pillar #3 Appreciation | Rent Estate Minutes

Traditional real estate is impatient. It’s about flipping property. So the hope is that values rise quickly. Rent Estate is patient. It ta...

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