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Thumbnail of the Corner to Corner series in Denver

Exploring Denver's Real Estate Potential

Discover expert insights into the Denver real estate market with Kirby Richard, Renters Warehouse's market leader in Colorado, on this week'...

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Thumbnail of the Rent Estate Podcast Texas market overview

Everything's Bigger in Texas: Market Overview with Todd Brown

Explore Todd Brown's insights on the Texas real estate landscape in this episode of the Rent Estate Podcast. From embracing challenges to se...

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Thumbnail of Kevin Ortner

Why Effective Communication Matters When Selecting a Property Manager

Watch this video to see the importance of tenant communication and retention management when selecting a property manager.

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Person sitting at table with a jar of coins and a small wooden house

VIDEO: Investing in an Expensive Market - What Does That Mean for Investors?

If you’d like to start investing, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a look at some things you may want to consider that can help ...

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People holding up speech bubbles

VIDEO: Enhancing Landlord-Tenant Communication

Optimize Tenant Communication: Choose the Right Channels for Efficient Information Sharing

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Video_Myths about landlords

VIDEO: 7 Myths About Landlords Debunked

What do (some) tenants really think about landlords? Ready to find out what myths are circulating about landlords, and get to the truth.

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Person looking at a house through a microscope

VIDEO: Why Regular Property Inspections are Important

Discover the undeniable importance of regular property inspections in this insightful article. From proactive maintenance to tenant rights, ...

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Aerial view of neighborhood

VIDEO: How to Handle Tenant Turnover

Discover Strategies to Improve Tenant Retention Rates – Minimize Vacancy with Expert Tips

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Person painting the walls

VIDEO: How to Give Your Rental a Makeover Within the Lease Agreement

Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll want to do before you start your rental makeover, along with some budget-friendly, and relati...

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how to evaluate rental property

How to Evaluate Potential Rental Properties

Carefully evaluating potential rental properties is critical to making solid investment decisions and maximizing your potential returns. Her...

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tips to navigate housing market

Tips to Navigate the Housing Market

In this video, we’ll look at the different ways property investors can navigate the housing market this year—whether you’re a seller o...

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