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Audio - Episode 5: How to Get Started in This Space + A New Category of Real Estate

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In Episode 5 of the Rent Estate Podcast, Kevin Ortner and Mark Hanson, Renters Warehouse’s Leasing Consultant discuss the important yet often-overlooked steps that many first-time (and even experienced landlords) can overlook. From leasing the property to finding tenants, and pricing properties competitively –on to advice on scaling your portfolio, Kevin and Mark draw on their years of experience as real estate investors –and show how easy it can be to find success through single-family homes.

In this episode, they discuss how Mark first got his start with real estate investing –by buying foreclosed HUD homes, or government-owned foreclosures. But when the housing market went down, he realized that renting out that property would make more financial sense than selling it.

Mark has been buying and selling real estate for almost 13 years, and has been leasing properties for a couple of years as well, running a team of leasing agents in the Twin Cities.

To date, Mark has leased just over 300 homes, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about what it takes to lease a property successfully.

Tune into Podcast Episode 05 for Mark’s top tips on things like:

  • Finding the right tenant
  • Pricing rentals competitively
  • Advertising vacancies
  • Which properties make the best investments (And why you shouldn’t invest in one-bedroom homes!)

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