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Renters Warehouse Opens Office in South Jersey

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Renters Warehouse, one of the largest and highest reviewed property management companies in America, is announcing a new office in New Jersey, located in Audubon, South Jersey.

Doors to the South Jersey office officially opened on August 1st, 2017 following the acquisition of over 340 property management contracts from Realty Solutions earlier in the year. They've also brought on 15 new properties since opening. Realty Solutions owner, Dave Gorham, is now at the helm of Renters Warehouse South Jersey as Market Leader. Fellow Realty Solutions owner Rob Gleaner will continue to manage the business as a commercial and traditional brokerage.

"We're very excited at Realty Solutions to take our local success in property management and partner it with a tremendous national leader," shared Market Leader, Dave Gorham. "We are proud to have our clients poised for the added benefits that will come by becoming part of the Renters Warehouse family."

South Jersey has experienced a steady increase in renters since 2009, with the market proving to be incredibly strong over the last three years. With the rise in popularity in SFRs, investors now more than ever are partnering with professionals such as Renters Warehouse to manage their portfolios. "Here in South Jersey, we're seeing some of our clients with two or more units, seek us out for professional help and then start purchasing even more properties for their Rent Estate portfolio," said Gorham. "It's a really exciting time for us."

Renters Warehouse's Chief Investment Officer & President of Portfolio Services, Anthony Cazazian, noted that this exciting and strategic acquisition is the sixth since January and represents the tenth new market opening in 2017. "This acquisition expands our footprint into a key market that will lead to further growth into Northern New Jersey and Philadelphia," he shared. It is another example of our ability to integrate acquisitions into our unique platform which is focused on offering a national property management solution with a single point of contact for all types of investors nationwide."

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