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Introducing the Rent Estate™ Podcast with Kevin Ortner

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Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate?

There’s a reason owning property has long been considered a crucial part of the American dream. And rental property, in many ways, is taking the key principles of property ownership –financial security and freedom, to a whole new level.

Owning rental investments allows investors to create financial independence for the future –not to mention, it also provides immediate cash flow returns as well.

The Rent Estate™ Podcast features property management professionals, successful real estate investors, and other key players in the real estate space –as they share tips and insights on getting started with real estate investments, as well as advice on growing and managing a rental investment portfolio.

Join Renters Warehouse CEO Kevin Ortner and his brother and business partner Jon Ortner –Vice-President of Portfolio Services at Renters Warehouse, one of the fastest-growing and highest-reviewed property management companies in America –in this FIRST episode of the Rent Estate Podcast, as they discuss their first-hand experience with real estate investments.

In this podcast, Kevin and Jon share how they first began investing in real estate and what led them to Renters Warehouse during the post-recession years of 2008-2009. They also discuss the entrepreneurial spirit that runs through their family –highlighting their father’s advice, and influence on their early investment career. There are also practical tips and suggestions for anyone who’d like to get started with real estate investing.

With the right plan –and approach, you can find success yourself.

Join Kevin and Jon as they discuss:

  • How real estate can serve as a GREAT retirement plan; a sure-fire way to have equity and wealth when you’re older.
  • How SFR is now a recognized asset class. Even over the last five years, there’s much more available for long-distance landlords in terms of tools and opportunities, opening up out-of-state markets to investors.

They’ll also answer a few common questions that they often hear. Such as:

  • The sweet spot for SFR investments (ideal number of bedrooms/bathrooms)
  • What should Millennials know about investing in real estate?
  • How can you get started? Ideas include house hacking –using an FHA loan to get started with an SFR, and then working to build equity by allowing your tenants to pay –or at least help pay down the mortgage for you.
  • And, of course, the ever-popular question: should you buy a property with a pool?

The Rent Estate Podcast is for anyone who’s investing in rent estate, as well as those who are looking to start.

This podcast contains tactical advice from experts who have been there, done that; and aims to share practical tips –whether you choose to have your properties managed by professionals or are planning to do it yourself.

Renters Warehouse exists as a guide for those who are seeking:

  • Financial independence
  • Financial freedom
  • Retirement security

All real estate investors deserve a partner who can help them to execute their investment strategy with ease and cut through the confusion and complexity that often surrounds this type of investment.

Renters Warehouse has created a process that has helped over 50,000 investors across the US. Today, they currently oversee 22,000 homes –making them the largest real estate investment company in America.

Their goal is to help to ensure that those who are investing –or thinking of investing in SFR can avoid many of the common pitfalls –along with headaches and wasted time, helping them to achieve true financial freedom through passive income with real estate.

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