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Guide: How to Find and Buy the Perfect Investment Property

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Are you new to real estate investing?

 Have you been on the fence about investing? Maybe you’ve read about some of the benefits of rental property and would like to start adding real estate to your portfolio, but aren’t quite sure where to start?

 Or maybe you’re ready to take that first step, but you’re uncertain: and want to make sure your first investment property is a winner; one that’ll perform well as both a rental and an investment?

 In this guide, How to Find and Buy the Perfect Investment Property, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about finding and securing winning investment properties. This includes tips on researching, running market data, and analyzing a potential investment’s performance.

This guidebook will show you what you should look at when assessing a market –including population growth, employment trends, and migration patterns; and offers tips on interpreting the data. Brush up on how you can scout out emerging markets, and see how you can spot an area that has good potential.

 We also cover hot markets for investors to look to in 2020, commonly asked questions (including the ever-popular, should my property have a pool?), and tips for running the all-important numbers including cash flow, the 1% rule, cap rate, and cash-on-cash returns.

 With all of this information, you’ll be operating at fully-informed capacity, helping to eliminate unnecessary risk from your investment strategy –for good!

 Areas we cover in this guide include:

  • Finding an ideal investment
  • Valuable market data: why it matters, and how to interpret it
  • Tips for identifying an emerging market 
  • Running the numbers

  We’ll also highlight what you should do next, showing you how you can get yourself ready to buy and take those first steps toward investing.

 Rental property can be a great investment opportunity, but not all properties are created equal. Much of your success with real estate will depend on the property in question –so make sure you know what to look for, and are ready to spot a winning investment when you see one. By taking advantage of available tools and data, you can run the numbers to find out if a property has good investment potential –before you invest.  

There’s never been a better time to be an investor!

 Ready to start adding real estate to your portfolio? If you’d like to start growing your wealth and working your way towards financial freedom, be sure to download your FREE guide today!

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