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In its 10th Anniversary, Renters Warehouse Reveals a Cornerstone Book for the Masses - Rent Estate(tm) Revolution

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How does one of America's largest and highest-reviewed residential property management empires celebrate their 10th Anniversary after taking on 18,000+ properties under management in over 35 markets in 24 states and counting? They publish their first book on the power of Rent Estate(tm), a term they coined and trademarked to represent the idea of "real estate for the rest of us."

Authored by Renters Warehouse CEO Kevin Ortner, Rent Estate(tm) Revolution shares the award-winning property management company's philosophy and business expertise around single-family rentals and how Rent Estate is driving retirement security, financial freedom, and the New American Dream for millions nationwide. The book will also offer readers an educational behind-the-scenes guide on how to start and strategically grow their investment property portfolio, including access to multiple e-learning resources and tools.

Given the economic times, It's not surprising that Americans are incredibly unprepared for retirement. In fact, over 40% of millennials say they have no retirement strategy in place. With Rent Estate(tm) Revolution, Kevin and his team at Renters Warehouse hope to create a financial movement that could potentially solve the retirement crisis in the US for future generations. It all starts with educating Americans of all ages about the power of Rent Estate.

"I truly believe that Rent Estate is an investment tool that all Americans, young and old, should have in their retirement portfolio," shared Kevin. "The world is changing, and how we look at retirement and financial security needs to change too. Rent Estate is the new American Dream and that's what this book is about."

As someone who secured his first property as a college freshman, the book shares Kevin's first-hand personal experiences with Rent Estate. A former corporate pilot, Kevin's journey into real estate investment began as a hobby. When he was laid off from his pilot career during the 2009 recession, Kevin saw a huge opportunity to manage single-family homes. He also recognized a need for a national property management business to meet the demands of hundreds of thousands of real estate investors of all sizes across the country.

As Renters Warehouse continues to level up its approach to the single-family residential property management business in it's 10th year in business, Kevin and his team of Rent Estate Advisors now stand at the forefront of America's newest wealth-creation revolution: Rent Estate.

"In my half-century as an economist, I've watched trends and fads come and go, many getting far too much attention and others going too long ignored," shared Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, Phd., Economic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and whose foreword will be found in Rent Estate(tm) Revolution. "Renters Warehouse has done an incredible job at identifying and championing a development that is new, growing, and poised to have significant staying power in the American economy."

"You don't have to be in the top 1% to join the Rent Estate club," said Kevin. "The magic of Rent Estate is the power of leverage; leverage of others' time, skills and resources, and best of all, others' money. There's simply no other investment out there like it."

To order your copy of Rent Estate(tm) Revolution today, visit

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