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How to Know You're Working With the Right Milwaukee Property Management Team

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Working with a property management team is a highly encouraged part of modern real estate investing. If you own a home or a portfolio of homes in Milwaukee, a property manager can help you take care of all the maintenance tasks and tenant care that occur during the year. The more properties you own, the more you'll need to delegate the every-day landlording tasks. Into this role, property managers are happy to step up.

How do you know you're working with the best team for your properties, your preferred management style, and the tenants you rent to? These five signs will show you that you've found the right property managing service for your needs:

They Know Milwaukee Like the Back of Their Hand

Property management is highly regional. Each state, city, and neighborhood is unique in how they build, in who lives there, and how the seasons affect home maintenance. So naturally, you want a property manager that knows the Milwaukee area like the back of their hand. This being someone who has been managing homes in the city and surrounding suburbs for years and can tell you the subtle differences between renting homes in East Town vs Riverwest.

A local team can help you fine-tune your rental experience for local tenants who will appreciate thoughtful touches that only a Wisconsinite would know.

They've Got a Milwaukee Maintenance Plan Ready to Go

Speaking of familiarity with the city, knowing the weather is another important aspect of being a quality property manager. Milwaukee sees drastic climate changes throughout the year and effective maintenance will need to be planned to account for all the homeowner side-effects that can create. From gutter protection to foundation care, you want someone who knows how to take care of your property like a pro.

So ask about your property manager's maintenance plan. If they've got a custom schedule and a list of people to call on-hand, then you're working with the right folks.

They Are Available 24/7 for Tenant Assistance

Your tenants deserve great care, and a phone number they can call any time in case of emergency. While some property managers only work business hours, the best management services offer 24/7 customers assistance. Because your property managers are working as a team, they can make sure there is always someone ready to answer the phones and provide emergency maintenance and repair assistance to tenants any time there is a problem.

They are also available to answer questions, help tenants get their rent paid, and handle the turnover process when a tenant is ready to move somewhere else.

They Listen and Understand How You Want to Manage the Property

You're also looking for a team that listens and adapts to your decisions. As the property owner, you are the ultimate decision-maker for how each home is managed and the terms of your tenant leases. Make sure you're working with a property management team that understands your priorities and will work with you to manage your properties as you would as your own property manager.

They Have Good Ideas for Optimizing Your Properties' Rental Potential

Finally, you want a property manager with a vision. While there's usually no need to remodel, most homes can be enhanced in some way or another to better suit incoming tenants. A great property manager can look at any property and see its potential to be more attractive, trendy, profitable, and appealing to your pool of renters.


Being a landlord in Milwaukee is a great investment, and can be made even greater with the help of an expert local property management team. For more information on partnering with us for your Milwaukee rental homes, contact us today!

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