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Guide – Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing

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Investors want to know: what’s happening in the housing market? Are we in a recession? Is now a good time to sell, or should you hold off and see things through?   

When we hear the word “recession,” many of us fear the worse. But the truth is, recession doesn’t have to spell doom and gloom. In fact, for those who hold rental property as a long-term asset, there are reasons to feel optimistic—no matter what stage of the market cycle we’re in.  

In this guide, we’ll give you the answers you have been looking for and help give you some guidance on making the best decision for you and your investments.   

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Take a look at some things that are included in your FREE guide: 

  • What Is a Recession, Anyway? The Economic Market Cycle and How It Works 
  • The Four Stages of the Economic Market Cycle – Understanding how to market cycle works so that you can plan ahead with your investment strategy.  
  • Are We in a Recession Now? – Answering the question on everyone’s mind: What exactly is happening with housing right now? Are we currently in a recession?  
  • Real Estate Investment Tips: Improve Your Returns and Minimize Risk During a Recession  –How to safely invest during a recession and tips to maximize your returns. 
  • Planning for a Potential Recession – A reminder to focus on your individual financial circumstances, portfolio, and long-term goals when making decisions before a potential recession.   

Discover what you should do to maximize your returns during a recession: 

  • Consider Avoiding Adjustable Rate Mortgages 
  • Try to Increase Liquidity 
  • Reduce High-Interest Debt 
  • Diversify Your Portfolio and Assets
  • Maximize Your Cash Flow
  • Focus on Your Tenants 

And more! 

Should you sell before a recession? 

It’s wise to take precautions before a recession. For instance, if you hold stock, you may want to consider liquidating some your stocks and taking your profits before a downturn. However, the same can’t necessarily be said of real estate. In many cases, it’s wiser to hold onto your property. If your other investments suffer, and stocks will sometimes stop paying a dividend during recessions, you will still have the cash flow coming in from your rentals.  

For the last 60 years, despite recessions, real estate has always been tremendously resilient. It’s always recovered and gone on to appreciate further. It’s a sound investment that can’t be kept down, despite any temporary economic downturns.  

This guide is packed full of helpful insight for investors who are looking for a roadmap to navigate any potential economic uncertainty in the months ahead.  

Looking to learn more about investing during a recession? Then be sure to claim your FREE Guide: Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing today. 

Download your FREE guide today.

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