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Fall Decor to Spruce Up Any Rental

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The signs of fall are all around! The crisp air, the shorter days, the pumpkins adorning every doorstep...fall is officially in full swing now -time to break out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Decking your home out with features and accessories that pay homage to the autumn season is a great way to welcome the season in. Sprucing up your space doesn't have to be time-consuming, or expensive, there are tons of simple tips out there for making the most of a small budget -or a small space!

If you'd like to get your home ready for the season -or if you're a landlord who'd like a few staging ideas for a rental that's vacant this autumn, here's a look at a few tricks and tips you can use to get your home all dressed up for the season ahead.

Buy a Few Scented Candles

Perhaps the best way to make your house feel like autumn is by creating the aroma of fall. There are so many great smells associated with fall -spiced apples, cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin -lighting some high-quality scented candles can help to lend a warm and cozy feel to your home this autumn. You may also want to consider investing in some decent candleholders this year, a trio of staggered sizes will look stylish when grouped together on a coffee table.

Landlords: Scented candles are a great way to help a vacant home feel a bit more welcoming. They're an inexpensive way to add a special touch to your rental!

Create a Fall Wreath

Wreaths aren't just for winter, autumn is an ideal season to get festive with the wreaths and garlands as well! You can pick up the fixings for autumn wreaths at any craft store -and fill in with some natural elements that you forage while out on an autumn walk! Pinecones, faux berries and leaves, mini pumpkins, dried corn, and silk flowers will all look beautiful twisted together onto a willow wreath base! There really is no right or wrong way to make a wreath, get some inspiration here and then let your imagination run wild!

Landlords: Opt a long-lasting wreath--like this one from Target, for your rental's door -it'll look great all season long!

Refresh Your Textiles

Nothing says fall quite like cozy textiles, and swapping out your home's throw pillows is a fast and simple way to give your space an instant lift. While you're at it, get yourself a comfy autumn throw too -perfect for wrapping up on those cold winter nights. Look to incorporate a few chunky knit -or plaid pillows into the mix for a truly autumnal touch.

Landlords: If you're offering your property furnished, adding a few cozy throw pillows to the sofas will help it to feel more welcoming during showings this fall!

Create a Fun Centerpiece

Tis the season for festive centerpieces! Fall centerpieces often focus on the bounty of autumnal harvests, but you can take a more contemporary approach with your tablescapes as well. Filling a woven basket -or a clear vase or bowl with some rattan balls and pods -and pinecones makes for a fast and effective autumnal arrangement. Small pumpkins, pinecones, candles, and faux berries can all be arranged in on a table runner for a festive seasonal display, or go with a simpler approach and line up some apples, mini pumpkins, or gourds on a narrow, decorate tray -like this beauty. Gourd-geous!

Here are some more fun ideas for your inspiration!

Landlords: Even a simple set of candles or a simple dried flower arrangement in a vase can add a welcoming touch to your rental.

Choose Some Fall Flowers

Just because everything is starting to die off doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to beautiful floral displays -at least not yet. Mums, dahlias, and other seasonal beauties can still be found in grocery stores, flower stalls, and farmers markets -and can make for some eye-catching colorful displays in your home.

Landlords: For long-lasting display, opt for silk flowers or a dried arrangement of flowers, twigs, and berries.

Craft a Wooden Sign

It's time to create your own signs of fall! Grab a wooden plaque from a craft store, or assemble your own if you're feeling especially crafty. Then jot down your favorite autumn saying, or doodle a simple motif. Signs don't have to be elaborate or expensive, and often simpler is better. Looking for a ready-made one? Here's a cute option!

Landlords: Consider a sign to place on the front porch that's welcoming, but not strictly autumnal (like this one), for a decorative touch that's versatile enough to use any time of the year.


Deck Out Your Doorstep

Don't forget the outside of your home! In addition to a wreath, there are tons of other fun ways that you can spruce up your home's exterior, making it more welcoming for fall. Place some long-lasting potted mums in vintage tins for a burst of autumnal color, or dot white pumpkins in varying sizes up your steps. A wicker basket filled with touches of autumn and a few outdoor lanterns, and you'll be ready to welcome guests -and the fall season, into your home!

Landlords: Boost your property's curb appeal with a few decorative touches. A new outdoor rug and an evergreen topiary on either side of the door will make for a long-lasting display that'll take you through into the winter months.


Don't Forgo the Practical

Of course, while decorating for the season is undeniably a lot more enjoyable -don't forgo the practical aspects of fall-readiness as well! Consider setting aside a day or two this weekend to do some much-needed fall maintenance tasks to get your home ready for winter. Hoses should be wrapped up and taken inside for the year, the lawn should be mowed one last time before winter, some basic landscaping should be done, and the gardening equipment should be stowed away. All outdoor windows should be washed and cleaned, and the outdoors should be cleared of any stray trash or fallen branches that have found their way into your yard.

Landlords: As a landlord, it's especially important that you take note of fall maintenance items and ensure that your rental is good to go. Here are a few areas you should note:

    • Clean the gutters and roof

    • Winterize the pipes and outdoor irrigation systems

    • Check trees for loose or dangerous limbs

    • Perform routine maintenance to the heating system

    • Winterize your A/C system

Here's a comprehensive list of fall maintenance for rentals.

When it comes to prepping your place for fall, there are quite literally tons of different things that you can do. Even if you don't really decorate for fall, many of the above suggestions are affordable -and most can be done in an hour or less! So go ahead and indulge in your love of all things autumnal, then sit back and enjoy the results of your work with a piping hot drink.


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