Tenant Maintenance FAQs

Q: How do I place a maintenance request?
A: You can make a maintenance request or a work order in two ways:

1. Go to our official submission portal located at https://renterswarehouse.com/maintenance-request-form and select “Tenant.” Follow the form instructions or log into your local market Maintenance Portal as instructed. 
2. Contact your local office via phone to speak live with your local Renters Warehouse Maintenance Team.

Q: Who do I call after hours?
A:  Please visit our Contact Us page for your local after hours emergency maintenance phone number and be sure to also submit an official Maintenance Request electronically.

Q: What is the process for emergency maintenance requests?
A: If we receive an emergency maintenance request, we will immediately dispatch a vendor and have the work completed. Emergency maintenance requests are defined as:

  • No Utilities (electric, water, HVAC – temperature dependent)
  • Flooding
  • Significant storm damage
  • Significant threat to life, health, safety

Q: How do I see the progress of my maintenance requests?
A: Residents with access to an official Maintenance Portal can view updates on work orders and electronically communicate with our centralized Maintenance Team. In other cases, Residents should contact their local office for work order updates.

Q: How long does it typically take to schedule a vendor for a maintenance request?
A: Depending on the situation, we may first have to call for homeowner approval. We contact homeowners as quickly as possible and provide them with all available information. Once we have homeowner approval, a vendor is dispatched to diagnose and fix the issue at your home.

Q: Does the owner pay for every maintenance request?
A: No. Accidents happen. Your child might clog up the toilet with a toy or maybe you have a pet that damaged the carpet. No problem. We understand! We evaluate each invoice and situation to determine if it is the owner’s responsibility or a tenant’s responsibility to pay for the maintenance work.

Q: If I have to pay for maintenance, how can I do that?
A: You can pay via your rent payment portal or by contacting your local office.

Q: What are my options for communications?
A: Residents with access to an official Maintenance Portal may receive maintenance communications via email, phone or text messages. When you log into your portal, you can choose to opt-in or out of text messages. We will also message you in the portal to provide updates on your work orders. You have the ability to message your Renters Warehouse Maintenance Team through the portal as well.  Visit https://renterswarehouse.com/maintenance-request-form and select “Tenant” to sign up for the Renters Warehouse Resident Maintenance Portal. In other cases, Residents should contact their local office to provide their preference for official communication.