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Accurately valuating a single family rental property, or a portfolio of them, is our specialty. If you own rental property, you wonder if the value of your investment is based on the comparable vacant homes in the neighborgood, or based on a cap rate. There is an answer and we can help discover it.

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Single family homes with tenants in place are both residential and commercial in nature. But to the residential and commercial real estate industries, they are neither. There is a huge worldwide demand for "performing rentals" with tenants and a track record in place. Renters Warehouse reaches those markets.

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We operate the only national acquisition service in the single family rental industry. We help our clients target and acquire portfolios of performing rentals aywhere in the US, or launch a multi-city "high speed cherrypicking" program to build a custom portfolio. We have the technology, experience and national reach that set the standard.

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In an industry of 1 million real estate agents, less than 1% have been trained and certified to serve buy-and-hold investors. Our network of 4,000 certified agents is growing with a new partnership with The Five Star Institute. Introducing The Five Star Single Family Rental Certification.

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