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If you own and manage a rental property with the help of Renters Warehouse, you gain automatic entry into our coveted Rent Estate™ Club. You’ve figured out how to capitalize on the four key value pillars of investment property: cash flow, equity, appreciation and tax breaks. All to create more long-term wealth, financial freedom and retirement security. Are you ready to grow your portfolio to the next level? If so, Renters Warehouse has developed strategic relationships with key industry leaders in real estate and finance. Please explore and enjoy below!

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HomeUnion delivers qualified & professionally managed properties to investors around the world. HomeUnion was founded with one singular goal in mind – to provide investors with a trusted and simple way of investing in real estate. By pioneering a stock market-like flexibility for real estate investing, you can now gain the benefits of cash flow, income, and appreciation, while leaving all of the legwork and hard work to us. Our end-to-end comprehensive solution includes property selection, acquisition, management, and sales, so you have access to a first-of-its-kind, hands-free investing experience.

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CoreVest is a specialty finance company that provides a range of debt products to residential real estate investors. The company offers portfolio and single-asset term loans for stabilized rental properties as well as short-term credit lines for acquisitions.

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Own America’s focus is on the owner. How much is your portfolio worth? Are you growing or exiting? Do you have the right financing, insurance, renovation, maintenance and property management services? Over the last 5 years, the level of service and professionalism in the Single Family Rental, or SFR, industry has made a quantum leap forward. OwnAmerica has been at the vanguard of this revolution to institutionalize America’s greatest asset class. Things are possible today that weren’t just a few years ago. If you need it, and we don’t do it, we have partners who do.

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Roofstock is the first online marketplace created exclusively for investing in leased Single-Family Rental homes that generate cash flow day one. Created by investors for investors, Roofstock provides research, analytics, and insights to evaluate and purchase independently certified properties.

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