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Nightmare on Your Street: When Tenants Become Hellraisers

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It's that time of year again, the season of all things spooky and mysterious!

But one of the scariest things by far, for any landlord, is a problem tenant. While the vast majority of tenants are upstanding people, who pay their rent on time and strive to maintain their rental, every once in a while a less-than-reputable tenant will slip through the net.

Just like the villains in most creepy stories, many of these hellraiser tenants may appear to be mild-mannered, calm, and perfectly normal on the surface. Eventually though, the truth comes out and they reveal their true, darker natures.

Horrible Hoarders

Horrible hoarders are something of a nightmare, especially when they skip town -leaving their personal effects behind. From broken furniture, to mountains of old clothes, and general trash, the cleanup won't be fun. Don't let your rental turn into a graveyard of someone else's abandoned treasures. Be diligent, and keep on the lookout for signs of hoarding behavior. If you spot any tell-tale signs of trouble, such as piles of trash or abandoned vehicles, take action immediately to prevent the mess from growing out of hand. This usually involves sending a notice in writing. It's also important to collect a security deposit at the time that a tenant moves in, to cover any trash removal and cleanup costs should a tenant vacant unexpectedly.

The Professional

The professional tenant will arrive dressed in a neatly pressed suit and tie. He will have all his documents in order, and a down payment ready -in cash of course, for an early move in. He will charm your socks off and you may even forgo the usual background and credit checks. But while he may come disguised as a perfectly decent tenant, don't be fooled. This type of tenant cons the system. They know how to get in, and will understand exactly how many weeks he has in your rental before you can legally evict him. If the professional comes knocking at your rental, don't answer! Avoid being swindled by a professional tenant by having a thorough tenant screening process for every applicant, and by checking into both their previous rental history and employment history to gauge their credibility.

Frantic Fiends

It's like a living nightmare! No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night by a tenant complaining that the toilet is making noise or that a light bulb is burnt out. With these kinds of tenants though, there is no rest for the wicked or the weary, which is exactly what you will be if you open your doors to a frantic fiend. There is no limit on the types of issues that will spook these tenants. Their complaints will range from issues with noisy neighbors or barking dogs to suspicious people lingering on the sidewalk. Screen out the frantic fiends, make sure you contact previous landlords and ask for character references.

The Disturber

Much like something out of a classic horror film, the disturber is a devilish soul with the power to disrupt everything around them. True to their name, the disturber will indeed disturb the peace. He will disturb your peace, the neighbors' peace, and the other tenants' peace as well by stirring up trouble and causing problems. The disturber won't be able to get along with other tenants (especially frantic fiends) and if you ask the disturber to adjust his behavior, he will put up a vicious fight every step of the way. Unfortunately, if warnings don't work, the only option may be eviction. But be warned, these villains don't often go quietly!

Crafty Creatures

This is one type of tenant that you will never want to cross paths with. Crafty creatures are notoriously difficult to spot, because of their shape-shifting characteristics, and their ability to bend the rules sneakily, which makes their behavior difficult to notice at first. Eventually though, their evil deeds will begin to show. Before you know it, your 'no pets' policy will have been violated, and the number of occupants in the rental will have mysteriously increased. Beware! These tenants will agree with your face. But once you turn your back it's anyone's best guess as to what they'll try to pull! The best way to handle crafty creatures is to take action and address stop small problems in their tracks before they get out of hand. These tenants may try to slither out of their misdeeds, but be forewarned, once you allow them to start breaking the lease, they will only continue to do so again and again.

While each of these devilish villains presents their own devious set of problems, the good news is that, as we mentioned above, they're certainly the exception, not the rule. By and large most tenants are absolutely wonderful, after all -we wouldn't be in business without them!

Still, if you don't relish the thought of handling potentially problematic tenants alone, there's no need to fear. At Renters Warehouse, we're here to help. Our experience means that we know what to look for, and are adept at stopping small problems, before they spiral out of control. From thorough tenant screening procedures and legally binding tenancy agreements, to seamless eviction and property management services, we have all of the tools necessary to battle even the most frightful of tenants.

No need to let property management nightmares keep you awake!

Visit our website to learn more, and have a spook-tacular day!

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