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Roundup of Real Estate

October 5, 2018: From FICO scores to home-flipping rates to home values, Abhi and Noel Christopher with roundup the latest real estate news stories. Abhi and Noel have a fun conversation and give their opinion on the housing market. They want listeners to know there are plenty of factors to take into consideration when investing in a specific market. These include knowing things like wages and cost of living in a given area.

Find Affordable Funding

September 28, 2018: Kevin Ortner is back with Abhi and Think Realty Radio to discuss the many different types of funding available to real estate investors. The duo gets deep into the options investors have to choose from, including private money loans, crowdfunding, syndication, and more. Kevin and Abhi weigh the pros and cons of each and talk about which situations call for which selection.

First-Time Investment Tips

September 21, 2018: Many seasoned investors can tell you about the endless lessons they’ve learned throughout their REI career. Noel Christopher joins Abhi to discuss common red flags first-time investors absolutely need to be aware of, including being overly trusting. One of the biggest and brightest red flags that should stand out to you is the phrase “guaranteed returns.”

The pair also touches on new investors’ buying criteria and investing in college towns.

SFR in the Real World

September 14, 2018: Kevin Ortner is back and answering listeners questions. This segment is for individuals who are looking to get started owning single-family rentals (aka SFR), people looking to invest with a partner, and those who would like to know what it takes to build a team. Kevin and Abhi take you through great pointers even if you have little to no experience.

When Am I Asking Too Much of My Tenant?

September 7, 2018: Noel Christopher from Renters Warehouse is joining us again to discuss a shared responsibility of taking care of your property. He and Abhi go over systems, processes, and property management. Abhi asks Noel to discuss expectations that landlords should have and how it can affect your ROI. They also discuss issues like coaching your tenant through basic maintenance, i.e. unclogging a toilet, or resetting a breaker.

Tenant Evictions, with Noel Christopher

August 31, 2018: It all depends on the situation the tenant is going through and being certain you are taking into consideration their humanity. They also touch on acquiring a property where there is already a tenant, and problem tenants.

Breaking Leases with Kevin Ortner

A tree falls on your rental property, rendering part of it uninhabitable. A neighbor threatens your renter, making them feel unsafe. How do you handle these unique situations? As Kevin Ortner of Renter’s Warehouse explains, it’s got a lot to do with your state’s laws and the wording within your lease.

Logic and heart play a big role in deciding how to proceed as well. As Kevin puts it, “Even though the piece of property is your house, it’s their home.” Working with your renters to overcome an unideal situation is part of the business—and is where having a property manager comes into play.

Accidental Landlords, with Noel Christopher

August 17, 2018: Abhi and Noel discuss the practicality, the risks and the benefits that play into it. One of the most important factors is having good property managers.

Investment To-Do List, with Noel Christopher

August 10, 2018: Noel talks about doing your homework on the property and getting to know your renters. He gives advice on hiring a team of professionals, including property managers. He wants you to have a good understanding of how they handle the repairs and maintenance.

Keep your Investment, Build your Wealth, with Kevin Ortner

August 3, 2018: Kevin helps listeners look past the common stereotype of buying low and selling high, and encourages you to take a different approach to refining and growing your portfolio. Abhi and Kevin discuss some key factors that go into ensuring a sustainable way to use other people’s money to grow your long-term wealth.

Do it Yourself: The Basics, with Kevin Ortner

July 27, 2018: Kevin gives listeners tips on how to build that wealth for themselves. Abhi and Kevin dive into property management, time management, property inspections, finding the right tenants, rent collection, and having a system in place for when issues with the property arise.

Proper Property Management, with Noel Christopher

July 20, 2018: With Noel Christopher on the line, you just know that he and Abhi are going to dissect the topics real estate investors everywhere will find helpful. Noel is the Senior Vice President of Renters Warehouse and has been involved in the single-family rental sector for a number of years. He and Abhi discuss topics such as remote property management, selling versus renting, exit strategies, and using Renters Warehouse as a tool to leverage your time.

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