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strategic partnership

We Help Your Clients Manage and Grow Their Portfolios.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, turnkey provider, lending partner or online SFR marketplace, Renters Warehouse offers game-changing partnership opportunities for you and your clients. That’s why when it comes to finding, financing and managing single-family rental property, people leave the management to us.

Property management is often the biggest barrier to growth for anyone in the SFR market. Renters Warehouse lowers that barrier by being your scalable, experienced boots on the ground virtually anywhere in the country. In fact, no one has a longer track record of effective tenant placement and property management across state lines. We’ll gladly pay a referral fee for portfolio or investor leads toward acquisitions or contracts. And we always value new strategic partnerships that benefit our clients. So take the next step by clicking the button below.

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Why Partner with Renters Warehouse?

  • We’re the nation’s largest third-party SFR property management firm, managing more than $3 billion in residential real estate.
  • We’ve earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and a MOR RV2 residential-vendor ranking from Morningstar Credit Ratings.
  • We offer superior SFR property management, including a single point of contact, tenant placement in 11-17 days on average, a 1% rent delinquency rate and a 0.5% eviction rate.
  • We manage portfolios from 1-2,000+ doors and can expand rapidly into any U.S. market.
  • We offer standardized and consistent processes, accounting and institutional-level reporting, as well as customized financial reporting and smooth portfolio integration.
  • Our highly trained Rent Estate Advisors have local knowledge, expertise, on-the-ground operations and relationships.
  • Our flat-rate pricing reduces P&L variability.