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Franchise Opportunities with Renters Warehouse

You can find detailed information on Renters Warehouse franchising opportunities by visiting our dedicated franchisee site at In the meantime, here are some highlights that might further your interest in becoming a Renters Warehouse business owner, real estate investor and Rent Estate™ entrepreneur:

  • The industry is huge and growing. Residential real estate property management is a $35.7 billion industry and a recession-proof business that showed annual growth of 3.1% from 2009-2014.
  • Renters Warehouse gives you proven leadership. Founder Brenton Hayden has been named a Top 5 Emerging Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine and Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.
  • Renters Warehouse is fast-tracking growth. Renters Warehouse had 6 franchises under the company name in 2013 and 28 in the system as of June 2015—with double that projected by the end of 2015. We know how to grow both aggressively and smart.
  • Renters Warehouse delivers the marketing support you need to scale quickly. Renters Warehouse invests aggressively in celebrity endorsements and other proven marketing tactics across traditional and digital media channels alike.
  • Renting is definitely a “thing,” especially with Millennials. Renting has become an economic and lifestyle choice for 57% of people under the age of 34 and 46% under 45.
  • Renters Warehouse gives you instant credibility. Renters Warehouse is one of America’s fastest-growing, highest-reviewed and most-awarded property management companies. Our brand is recognized and respected.
  • Renters Warehouse provides you with exceptional digital tools and best-in-class technology. Renters Warehouse integrates 17 different proprietary and best-in-class third-party technologies to make everything from property listings to rental history reports as accurate and efficient as possible for you.

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